Golf Cart – 5 Things To Look Into Before Buying One

by Barry K Rogers

The transition of golf carts from being a form of luxury for the ultra rich towards being indispensable equipment on the golf course these days has really brought in a lot of benefits for golfers, especially to those who are playing just for fun and recreation.

However, before deciding to buy your own golf cart there are things that you need to look into so that you will not end up wasting your money on a wrong cart. Here are some reminders for you to consider:

1. You must know the restrictions of the club house that you will be playing at regarding the use of golf carts. This is important because there are countries that do not allow golf carts on the golf course under whatever circumstances.

2. You need to know beforehand if you are targeting to buy a brand new or a used golf cart. Each choice has its pros and cons; your role is to balance them and make a wise choice. Basically, used golf carts have an advantage on the price, yet on the other hand brand new carts have an edge on quality and over-all condition. Then again, there are also used carts that are still in good condition. Thus you just have to balance the different factors.

3. It is nice to know that your choices for buying golf carts are not limited on what you see in the shops, since you can have your own design for your cart. In other words, you have the choice to have your cart custom-made to suit your taste, needs and personality. However, in doing so you must make sure that you will still abide by the rules and regulations of the place that you will be playing at regarding golf carts

4. If you have made your decision about your cart, then the next thing to consider is whether you like your cart to be generated by fuel or by battery. An electric cart is easier to maintain, but after a few years or so you need to replace the battery which will cost you about $500.

5. Finally, before thinking to buy your own golf cart you must foresee the total cost of the over-all maintenance of your golf cart. If you feel that the benefits that your cart can give in the long run outweighs the cost that you will have to pay, then go on and buy your golf cart.

Before I end, I just want to add one more reminder and that is for you to determine whether you will be playing for a long period of time, or you will be playing just occasionally and the like. If you will be playing only sometimes then I don’t think you want to consider buying your own golf cart.

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