Golf Ball Washer – Great Accessory For A Rainy Day Of Golf!

By Abhishek Agarwal

People hate hanging up their game of golf because of rain. They even buy umbrellas to walk around the course. It is a pain though, when the golf ball gets grimy and muddy every time before you need to strike it. People used to wipe their balls clean and maybe wash them before they struck. The dimples on the ball tend to attract a lot of grime, and that of course ruins the purpose of having the dimples there in the first place. Today, though with ball washers a rainy day no longer irritates a player in these ways.

There are a handful of washer models available on the market you could choose from. How they work varies from one type to another. The cheaper varieties are mechanically driven by hands while electric motors are used in the high end models. The major difference in the models however is that while some can clean only one at a time, others can clean a bunch of golf balls at one go. Some suck the balls in much like a vacuum cleaner that you use at home.

Clubs normally deploy a golf ball washer near every flagged hole, and though they are bulky industrial versions they are very easy to use and long lasting as well.These contraptions use brushes in the base, along with water and cleaning solutions, very much like a dish washer. All you do is pop the ball in and turn the knob, and you are given a fresh and clean ball at the base which you can wipe dry and move on. The club normally supplies towels and tissues for this very purpose.

Many players still prefer to carry their own portable cleaners. One of these models has just a simple padding inside. You need to fill the container with water and rinse it out, leaving the pad wet inside. Then you place the ball in the container and all you need to do is juggle the container a little and shake it up, and out comes the ball, ready to be wiped dry and used on the course. This is probably the simplest version available on the market today, and is a favorite with many a player.

Another simple washer is the kind that can clip on to anything like your kit bag or even your trousers. It is a simple round container with a handle. You need to fill it with cleaning solution, place the ball in the container and turn the handle a few times. This motion cleans the ball well, and you take it out, wipe it and move on with your game. The light weight and portability of this kind of washer makes it another extremely popular choice with players.

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