Enjoy Your Golf and Have Fun by Using a Golf Cart

by Daryl Abell

As we approach our senior years, we start to find that walking around a golf course is getting harder to achieve or we have ventured out to a course that uses golf carts exclusively.

Why would we also use a golf cart? Hot days are better tolerated if we are using a cart and also those drizzly days can be more comfortable when we have the security of a golf cart. We now find that we need a golf cart. How do we use them and what steps do we need to take to enjoy our golf round.

Firstly we need to how to drive a golf cart as it is not like a car or go-kart. You have flat seats and no seat belts. Learn to drive in safe areas and it is not a four wheel drive all terrain vehicle.

You start the cart by connecting the key to on position. There is no starter and you move off by pressing the throttle with your foot. Check that you are set to go forward not backwards as running into the clubhouse is not very smart, not to mention the embarrassment in front of colleagues and friends.

Some tips when using the cart are to keep to the paths as long as possible and veer off to the ball when near the ball. Go to the furthest away ball and have the golfer play from there. Be prepared to swap drivers as the distance to the green dictates who would need to play first.

Golf cart care is to check the tyres regularly and ensure that you don’t go over rough terrain that would damage the tyres. A flat tyre out the extreme end of the course is not fun when you have to walk back to the clubhouse for help. Driving too fast can easily damage the tyres and could get you into dangerous situations so care is required to help maximise the longevity of the tyres.

Maintenance of the golf cart need not be a long procedure or be complicated. The batteries of a golf cart are important so take care of them. When you take care of your golf cart batteries they will take care of you….. You will want to achieve optimum performance, greater reliability, a longer battery life and most importantly, save time and money!

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