Driving Range Golf Balls

By Josh Riverside

Amateurs and golfers wish to hone their skills by practicing on a driving range. The market today has specialized accessories for this kind of use that is, on a practice range or a tee. A driving range is a tee separate from the main golf course and is generally used for practice or a short game. These driving ranges may or may not be a part of a bigger golf course. Nowadays, many houses and offices have their own driving ranges where one can practice to one’s heart content and according to one’s free time. Also there are paid driving ranges that charge golfers on a per hour basis and/or require them to become members of the same.

When practicing at such driving ranges, special driving range golf balls need to be rented and used. These driving ranges have hard surface and therefore, the balls to be used here have to be in accordance with it. With the burgeoning number of driving ranges in the last two decades, specialized golf equipment, especially for the driving range has made its appearance. The most prominent among them are driving range golf balls. The other equipment essentially remains the same.

These golf balls are specifically manufactured for use on a driving range and differ on various counts from the usual golf ball used on a course. Golf balls made for driving ranges feature very hard covers so that they won’t be easily cut or damaged. Practice range balls also feature a distinctive coloring so as to distinguish them from the other normal balls to be used on a golf course. Range balls often have a black or red stripe going around them and are easily identified. Furthermore, driving range balls may also refer to used balls that are used for practice on a driving range.

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