Do You Really Know All There Is To Know About Golf Carts

by Dane Stanton

Isn’t it tiring when you have to walk around that enormous 18-hole golf course every weekend? It certainly is for most elderly folk, but guess what? You don’t have to walk everywhere, why not buy yourself a personal golf cart to travel around the course on. It’s almost a certainty to say that it will inevitably improve your game in time due to the fact that you will have more energy to play with.

Nowadays, golf carts come in so many varieties, and they are even used generally for other purposes to transport small number of passengers between short distances at slow speeds like at airport terminals.

How important are golf carts while playing golf?

The simple answer is very! Especially for elderly people who don’t have the energy to be walk the whole distance around an 18 hole golf course. This is just one of the benefits of golf carts. The second is that they speed up the time it takes to play a round of golf. The question still remains however, is using a golf cart taking away everything we associate with this wonderful game. On the professional circuit, players are not allowed to use golf carts because the PGA believes that walking is an important part of golf and in order to preserve the heritage of golf players must walk between shots. With this all said however, they are very beneficial for lots of players

Many golfers these days are buying their own golf carts, some even custom made. Most members’ only golf courses have a place where people can store their golf carts when they are not playing.

Not stopping there, these golf carts are widely used as an official form of transport by many people around their neighborhood and to shop around. Even college children are driving these small vehicles to school and college.

It’s easy to buy golf carts these days since there are so many distributors out there in the market. In fact you can actually buy them from the internet, new and used. The average cost of a brand new golf cart is around $1500, depending on the make. If you were to buy a second hand golf cart you would pay much less and this option is much more advised.

A golf cart is also far cheaper than a car to maintain and repair. This is the main reason why many people are going for this vehicle, especially college and university students, and not just the golfers.

Moreover, just like car, a golf cart is also modifiable. Some posh golfers like their carts to look classic, while some others want them contemporary, and such modifications are pretty affordable as well.

Once you have purchased your own golf cart, you have the option of customizing it with extra features, including a paint job, side mirrors, new seats and many more accessories. Most people try to customize their carts in a way that best resembles their personalities. If you don’t believe, then next time you’re out on the course, take a closer look at every golf cart that goes by.

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