Do You Need A Lob Wedge?

The golf lob wedge is one of the more recent innovations and it is finding it’s way into almost every golfers bag.

What is so special about the golf lob wedge?

The main reason for it’s popularity is the fact that the major tour players now place such an emphasis on their wedge play. In the past a golfer would carry a sand wedge, for getting out of the sand traps and that would be about it. Presently even a basic set of golf clubs comes with at least two wedges, the sand wedge and a pitching wedge.

Is a second wedge an urgent need?

Well in all honesty you don’t but it is fashionable today to have three wedges, even four. But in view of the fact that Phil Mickelson, US Tour player and sometimes number one golfer in the world, carries five wedges you begin to see the importance of these clubs.

What does a golf lob wedge do?

The lob wedge has a degree of loft, that is the angle of the club face, of sixty to sixty four degrees. This means the ball when struck correctly will fly very high but with little forward motion. You will be looking for your lob wedge at around the seventy yard mark. What the lob wedge allows you to do is to take a full swing which is easier than trying to make a three quarter or half swing.

The next reason to use a lob wedge is the height of trajectory it imparts to the ball which allows you to play onto a firm putting surface and have very little roll after landing . This means the ball will stop very quickly, if you play onto the same green with a half swing pitching wedge the ball could roll out and actually roll off the green.

Practical use of a lob wedge

The lob shot is played with an open stance, that is … the left foot is drawn sightly backwards, the legs remain firm with your weight about 60/40 on your left foot. The takeaway is mainly by cocking the wrists with about a three quarter swing. It’s very necessary to accelerate through the ball and this is the danger area, if you thin the shot the ball will fly off into the distance, however if you are too slow through the shot you will duff it and get no height or distance at all.

Is the golf lob wedge for me?

The lob shot is a ‘feel’ shot, you cannot buy feel you have to practice and practice and you will master it and believe me when you have that 15 yard shot over water to a small, tight green you will be grateful for it.

Where can I get a lob wedge?

Lob wedges are available at any shop that sells golf equipment. Search online for discount golf clubs and can be clone golf clubs.

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