Custom Golf Carts Allow You To Show Your Individuality

by Simone Tachill

Many golfers are investing in golf carts today because, while you can rent a cart every time you play, the cost of doing so mounts up very quickly. And, having bought your own cart, you may decide that you want to customize it to reflect your own personality, so here are a few tips.


Many golfers start by buying specialized wheels and there are many to choose from either offline or online. The wheels you choose will determine whether or not you can also drive your cart off the golf course and, if your cart complies with the law, even on the public highway.

Air Conditioning and Heating

As long as you first invest in an enclosure for your cart you can also add an air conditioning unit or a heater, although these items can be a little bit pricey. Nonetheless, they can certainly add to your comfort and allow you to continue playing all year round.


There are so many dashboards to choose from that you should have no problem finding one that is both suitable and affordable. Cup holders and a lockable glove box can be extremely useful and, if you also intent to install a radio or music player, then many dashboards will accommodate this.

Music Players and Games Consoles

Playing golf while listening to your favorite music can be a lot of fun but do remember that many ‘traditional’ golfers may not appreciate your breaking the quiet of the course.

Installing gaming equipment is also popular these days and, while it may seem more appropriate to play video games in the comfort of their own home, installing an Xbox or other video gaming system can be handy for a parent who wants to play golf but who also needs to watch the kids at the same time.

External Lights

You can install head lights, tail lights, blinkers and brake lights on a golf cart with relative ease and, if you intend to drive the cart at night, then you should have head and tail lights for your own safety. Brake lights and blinkers make driving a bit safer, but they are not quite so important.


Adding windshield can give your cart a sporty look and offer protection from such things as flying golf balls. There are many styles of windshields to choose from and these days some are even tinted.


As you can see, there are many accessories to choose from when creating your own custom golf cart and together they will allow you to create a unique cart. Consider the many options and choose accessories that you find necessary, helpful and aesthetic.

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