Club Car Golf Cars Easily Available In South Africa

By Bill Degner

Golf carts come in a vast range of styles and varieties and one of the best you can buy is the Club Car golf cart.

Club Car is the market leader and since they were first produced in 1958, the company has expanded considerably. They are known worldwide for producing top quality models. Over the years the product range has grown and Club Car now produces models not only for the golf course, but also for home use. They have a cart for nearly every need. The company is trusted, liked and has a great customer support reputation.

Models are available in many different styles including luxury, signature and compact models, all of which offer great value and fantastic quality. In the luxury range, the Precedent i2 is one of the top models which Club Car produces. This was in fact their original model offered. As it was so well liked, around the world, they have continued to make it. Although it has been improved over the years, it is still one of the best on the market. It offers advanced technology, great comfort and is one of the smoothest running available to purchase. This model can reach speeds of up to twenty miles an hour and has an improved braking system, meaning the brake pads will last longer saving you money.

Another top class model is the Signature Series. This golf cart is able to do a top speed of over nineteen miles an hour in the electric model. In this range you can choose your own color for the paint job, nine different body paint colors and eleven pin stripe options are available. You can also choose between a burl wood dashboard and the sleek carbon fiber dashboard. These will match your chromed wheel covers, radial tires, and premium windshield.

Some models can be made to carry more people. The Precedent 4-Passenger model is fantastic for larger jobs. This one offers exceptional comfort and styling. It now has better acceleration and hill climbing capabilities, and is more energy efficient than previous models.

Whatever model cart you choose you will know that you are buying your golf cart from a company that takes pride in their products. Club Car not only manufactures golf carts, but also refreshment centers and utility vehicles as well. You can also buy accessorizes for your golf cart including canopies, bag covers, rain guards and towing fittings. Every model will offer their own range of these and once you select what kind you want, then you can buy accessorizes to go with it.

About Author:
Bill Degner has owned and maintained golf carts for 14 years. He likes to share his knowledge about this form of transportation.

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  • Eddie Arpesella

    On 18 April I sent you the request below and have not had the courtesy of a response. Are you interested in the business or should I make enquiries elsewhere? Please add the cost of lights to my request.

    I represent the Trustees of Sunset Links Home Owners Association situated on Milnerton Golf Course Cape Town. We investigated expanding our security arrangements and have in principle approved the purchasing of a golf car being the first in a probable fleet of 3 to be used on the Estate.
    Can you please let me know the price of a new two seater electric driven golf car including charger and windshield and separately a canopy that covers the car (to be used in winter) if available. Do you have representatives in Cape Town?

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