Club Car Golf Carts Offer the Ultimate in Luxury

by Paul De Vizard

Some golfers merely view a golf cart as a way to maneuver around the golf course. Others take it a step further and prefer the luxury afforded by a club car golf cart. Used to describe a standard cart with the added comfort of a variety of accessories, a club car golf cart can also function as an economically viable alternative to taking the family sedan on short errands close to home. Of course, local traffic laws should be taken into consideration before using a golf cart on roadways.

Comfort is what a club car is all about. Even those who do not enjoy a round of golf are often interested in these luxurious little vehicles to easily drive around their retirement community. Before investing in a club car golf cart, keep in mind these considerations.

Safety Features

If you are purchasing a vehicle for use outside of the golf course, ensure that it features working headlights, taillights, and turn signals. These will be necessary for driving on a city street and should be used to help keep the driver safe amongst other vehicles.

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

Just as with any other vehicle, a proper driver’s license and insurance coverage are required on a club car golf cart. Various states have regulations specifically governing golf carts driven on the road, such as a license plate. Some states also require that drivers pass a special test since handling is different than in a car. Check with your state regulations before taking a club car golf cart on the street.

You may want to consider purchasing a trailer to transport your club car golf cart. This is quite handy when traveling to a different golf course and will prevent you from having to rent one at the club house.


Club car golf carts come with a variety of luxurious accessories. One of the more common is a casement which allows drivers to see through the material while keeping out wind and rain. Some of them come with speedometers, a handy feature if you will be driving the cart on the street. Distance finders help the golfer determine the exact distance to the green from the location of the cart or the tee box.

GPS (global positioning satellite) systems are becoming increasingly popular on the golf course to easily see where you are in relation to the fairways and where the hole is located. For hot days on the golf course, a wet bar is the perfect accessory. A satellite radio system provides music when off the course and golfing tips when approaching the green.

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