Choosing the Right Tire for Your Golf Cart

by Ryan McSparran

When thinking of golf carts, the first image that comes to mind is probably the golf course. While this may be the most common purpose for golf carts, their uses are much more varying.

Golf carts have become popular vehicles for a number of situations. They can be seen on corporate campuses, college campuses, construction sites, airports, neighborhoods and country residences. Valued for their energy efficiency and versatility, golf carts are used for much more than golf.

Because of the growing popularity of golf carts, a large variety of customizable parts, tires and other accessories have risen to meet the range of needs. Especially when it comes to tires, the standard fairway tires aren’t going to meet the requirements of many other situations.

Choosing the right tires for your golf cart is important. The right tire will perform better, last longer and provide an increased level of safety. While there are now dozens of varieties of tread pattern and construction types, golf cart tires can be lumped into three main categories. These will put you on the right track in your search for tires:

1. Grass or Turf Tires

These are the standard golf cart tires, approved for use on many golf courses. They will have a lighter rubber and a smoother tread that offers better traction on grass while not causing too much damage to the fragile turf.

Due do the thinner rubber construction, these tires will puncture more easily if taken off road and will not offer a high level of traction on dirt or gravel paths. These types of tires are ideal for golf course or country club use.

2. Road or Pavement Tires

These tires are built with a different density and tread that allows for increased traction on paved surfaces. Road tires are constructed with a heavier rubber that will stand up to use on asphalt and concrete.

They are often built to withstand slightly higher speeds as well. These would be the ideal tires in neighborhoods, campuses or any place where a majority of use will take place on pavement.

3. Off-road or All Terrain Tires

Just as their name suggests, these tires are build to handle off-road situations. They are constructed of a heavy rubber that can withstand rough and uneven surfaces. Their tread is much more pronounced, giving them better traction as well.

All terrain tires may be a wise choice for use on construction sites or areas where traction and durability are a high priority. They will not be the most efficient on pavement or golf courses but in the right situations, off-road tires are a must.

While most tires fall into one of these three categories, you will find wide range of tires within each. You may also find a selection of hybrids that are built to bridge a variety of situations. The important thing is to find an appropriate tire for your cart. When paired with a proper tire, your golf cart will perform at its highest potential.

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