Buying A Refurbished Used Electric Golf Cart?

by Sam Adams

Today many people are buying used refurbished electric golf carts for many different reasons. Families are purchasing a golf cart for use at the lake house, beach cabin, for helping with task around the house or as a vehicle for the kids in the neighborhood. And of course, they are still being purchased by individuals to be used as personal golfing carts at the country club or public golf course.

When purchasing a used refurbished golf cart there are a few things you should be aware of before you buy. If you are not mechanically inclined then it is important that you visit a reputable dealer who is in the business of refurbishing and repairing used electric golf carts. You should look for a used golf cart that has new batteries, new battery wires, new or like new tires, and the charger should be clean and in good working order as well. There should be no noise in the rear end of the golf cart, the electric motor should quickly respond to your push on the accelerator, and the motor should not have any grinding or humming sounds. The steering system should be tight (no slack or play in the front end) and turn equally to the left as to the right, and the front wheels should not show any wear on the inside or outside edges of the tires. The brakes should bring you to a complete stop in about 10 – 15 feet, but should not cause the rear wheels to skid or slide. The body of the golf cart should be clean, not broken anywhere or have any cracks in the front and rear portions. All the trim, rear bumper, and side rocker panels should have been replaced as this is not very inexpensive and can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the refurbished used golf cart. The seat should be recovered or replaced and there should not be any burn marks, tears, cuts, or punctures in the seat cushion and back rest.

It is also important that you lift up the seat and look at the frame work of the used golf cart for any signs of rust or excessive wear. Also, get down on the ground and look under the front end and rear end of the used golf cart for any signs of rust or repair. The frame work should be straight and show no signs of excessive wear or abuse.

These are just a few tips about what you should look for when purchasing a used refurbished electric golf cart for you, your family, or even your business. A Refurbished golf cart can be fun, satisfying, and very useful, so please be careful and enjoy your used refurbished electric golf cart. They Are Not Just For Golf Anymore!

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