An Introduction to Club Car Golf Carts

by Keith C Miller

Looking for a great Club Car golf cart? You are not alone. This is one of the world’s premier suppliers of vehicles and there are some good reasons for that. A full line to choose from is just one reason the Club Car golf cart line is so popular.

For those looking for something new, consider the exciting Precedent i2. This is actually the original Club Car golf cart line. It was so well received the world over that it earned an outstanding reputation which it still holds to this day. Over the years it has been improved and now it is one of the best vehicles available.

The Precedent i2 Signature Edition is the top of the line vehicle in this class. It offers advanced technology that far exceeds what you find in most other vehicles of this size and class. Through improved designing, it offers outstanding strength, superb comfort, and exceptional operation. Its quiet technology makes it one of the smoothest running vehicles on the market today. It is also one of the safest vehicles available.

To name just a few of the features that you will find in this model: improved acceleration technology as well as improved up slope climbing ability; enhanced controls for hill descending with a low motor braking speed improvement included; improved energy efficient running as well as improved braking technology which allows for longer brake pad life and lower maintenance costs; speeds from five to nearly twenty miles per hour.

As the top line Club Car golf cart, the Signature Series also offers a top speed of over nineteen miles per hour in the electric model; you have a choice of nine body paint colors and eleven pin stripe options, your choice of either the handsome burlwood dashboard or the sleek, modern carbon fiber dashboard; chromed wheel covers, poly radial tires, and premium windshield.

Another great Club Car golf cart is the Precedent 4-Passenger model. This model has been redesigned and offers exceptional comfort and styling. It includes the new Excel Drive System and also features improved acceleration; better hill climbing capabilities, improved top speed controls, the Hill Descent Assist system as well as the popular low motor braking speed system. It, too, has been designed with better energy efficiency in mind, and improvements to the braking systems to give longer life and lower maintenance costs.

One of the most popular Club Car golf cart options is the Signature Edition Four-Passenger model. This vehicle is modern and stylish and offers plenty of room for four adults. It comes with the standard Precedent Four Passenger features as well as many other features that you can find at their website or through your local dealer.

All in all, the Club Car golf cart is one of the best on the market today and their prices are not out of line for this level of quality. Because of their exceptional quality, they are a good investment as they will last for a very long time when maintained properly. Why not see the new line today and judge for yourself?

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