About Golf Carts

By Steve Christopher

The Golf cart or Golf buggy is a small car designed to transport two golfers and their equipment around the golf course during play rather than the traditional way of carrying accessories and walking.

These cars were electrically powered before but now gasoline powered models are available. Being a small car, it has got the comfort and safety features that helps preventing the spills when driven over lopsided terrains.

With the increase in popularity of the golf cart, almost all the golf clubs offer or demand for more comfort level that could satisfy their club members or golfers. Hence this car can be prearranged with ball and cup holders, sun shades, racks to hold bags, plastic enclosures to zip up in case of rain, sweaters, sand trap rakes and ashtrays, cigarette lighters and cassette players can be built into the dashboards.

Remote control Golf carts

The technology has so advanced that the golfers can now walk freely to the golf course with a small hand held transmitter in pocket. The golfer can control the buggy using the remote control and these cars are not highly priced, hence affordable too.

The remote control golf buggy has interesting features like – twin 200 w motors, light weight AMST alloy framed stainless steel drive axles, front wheel alignment mechanism, urethane tires, rear stability, reverse functionality, fold away design and also got high power deep cycle battery that last for hours provides more travel time and makes the car effortless to drive on uneven terrains.

There are plenty of models and different types having spectacular features in affordable price are available on the market. Apart from all these, the companies promote cool, stylish and classic models of golf carts that catch every eye. The Cadillac Cart, Armored Cart, Porche Cart, Monster Cart – are some having stunning colors, large wheels and headlights, and more features that satisfies the golfers needs and convenience.


To keep the golf cart in perfect condition, a weekly check-up as well as a major servicing in every three months is essential. Learning basic maintenance techniques, reading the manual helps to reduce maintenance cost. A regular check-up of batteries cleaning its dirt and dust, tightening cable connectors and maintaining water levels to the specified mark helps improve the life of the vehicle. Also servicing of break system, engine and suspension is necessary as long as you need the vehicle.

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