3 Powerful Suggestions To Resolve A Golf Slice

The golf slice is typical amidst beginners and golfers who’ve been mastering the game for years.  Arguably, there’s nothing more irritating than looking at your shot land 200 yards to your right and end on the adjacent fairway.

Luckily for us, it’s not too difficult to fix a slice as pointed out below:

Golf Slice Tip 1:

It’s always vital that you address the golf ball accurately.  If your foot position is not good from the outset then you will probably slice your strike. You really need to avoid moving your head by any means, that is, until such time as your swing has fully terminated and not earlier than.

If your head does not remain fastened through the swing movement you then run the danger of slicing or hooking nearly all the shots you play.  A simple way to stop this from occurring is to focus your eyes on a specific thing on the golf ball that is notable.  Perhaps it’s a spot of mud or even the print of the ball company.  It doesn’t matter what your concentration spot on the ball is just as long as your head will not move until your swing movement has completely finished.

Golf Slice Tip 2:

Your next tip is to check that your left shoulder is in-line precisely at the target. If it’s not then your slice may be even more highlighted due to the fact your position to the target is off before you’ve even hit the ball.

Golf Slice Tip 3:

The final tip to cure a slice is to try slowing down your swing a little. This is really important simply because, you need to verify that the club face is open and completely square at the time of the strike.

If it’s not then you’ll not be striking the golf ball square-on and you’ll run the risk of a serious slice. By slowing your swing down slightly, you’ll gain more control over the club and help reduce the risk of a slice.

Simply check out a nearby driving range and put into play the methods above.  You will then soon discover that with a little bit of practice, that infuriating golf slice which was hurting your game for a long time is now a distant memory.

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